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Resident Social Worker Service

Our school focuses on home-school cooperation and parent support. Our school has a resident social worker service, and regularly organizes parent talks, parent workshops, parent-child interest classes, etc., to promote communication between parents and the school. At the same time, the resident social worker provides support and referrals for families in need.


On-campus pre-school rehabilitation services

Our school is now participating in the “On-site Pre-School Rehabilitation Service Project” of the Social Welfare Department, inviting the multi-professional service team of the Hong Kong Christian Service, including: special child care workers, speech therapists, occupational therapists, etc., to come to our school for supporting children who with special learning needs.


Support Services for Non-Chinese Speaking Students (NCS Students)

Our school provides support for non-Chinese speaking students, builds an inclusive campus to promote student integration, and creates a language environment that enriches Chinese learning; provides after-school Chinese learning support or flexible adaptation of Chinese learning content for students who need it.


Enquiry telephone number and email address for parents of non-Chinese speaking students is as follows:

Enquiry telephone number:  2473266

Email address:admin@singyan.edu.hk